Pro Line Up


Marc "Spud" Bartley

Marc Bartley is the owner and founder of Spud Inc, which includes Spud Inc Strength Straps and Equipment, Nutrition Warehouse and SC Barbell. Marc has been weight training since the age of 13 and at the age of 30 he transformed himself into a powerlifter and spent the following 10 years becoming a world class powerlifter in the 275lb and 308lb weight classes. After a severe quad tear in 2007, Marc transformed himself again and lost 109lb and entered the body building world where he did his first contest. He started at 303lb and ended up at 194lb.

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Dale Stiefel

Dale has been a competitive powerlifter since he was 17 years old, and is an elite powerlifter in the 275 and 308 lb class.  He has competed in the AAU, APA, APF,and IPA.  Currently his best competition numbers are 903 squat, 639 bench, and 655 deadlift with a 2159 lb total in the 308 weight class.  Dale is perusing a B.S degree in exercise science at USC.  Dale is one of our supplement experts with in-depth knowledge of diet and proper supplementing for athletic performance.  Dale Manages our Spud, Inc. equipment line and is a personal trainer at South Carolina Barbell.  Dale is married with no children, unless you count his cocker spaniel that stays at the gym during the day.

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